Nothing Burger

A preparation manual for a 72 hour fast

By Mentor Palokaj

The author of Smart work beats hard work.


Hi, my name is Mentor

I've practiced fasting for over a decade, I'd love to share what I learned:

icon of a brain

The basic science

Is fasting safe? Does it have risks and the benefits?

What are the things that we don't yet know?

icon of a weight in a hand

Practical how-to

How do I prepare well for a multi-day fast?

What problems can I expect and how do I prevent them?

icon of a graph and money

Fasting life

How do I incorporate fasting into my life long-term?

How should I handle telling my friends and family about this new habit?

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About the author

Mentor has been running self-experiments for over a decade, from cognitive enhancement with pills and powders in every color you can imagine to experimenting with 4.5 hour sleep patterns.

His previous book Smart work beats hard work covered a lot of his research and experimentation in health, productivity and finance.

Some of his writing on fasting is available on his blog Skill Collector, though this publication dives much deeper into the practical aspects of fasting.

Treat this book as a buffet. Find the things youlike, consume them and skip what doesn't appeal to you.
~ How to read this book (p1)

Table of contents